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Complete your family tree. Meet your European ancestors. Decifer historical documents.

I’m Héloïse, your professional genealogist in Alsace. I help you explore and understand your story. I dig and explain documents in France, Germany and Switzerland. I write life stories and build family trees. I transcribe and translate what you need to read. Jusk ask.




Build and complete your family tree. Read about your ancestors’ life journeys and connect to your European roots.


& translation

Un document notarial du XVIe siècle, avec une écriture ancienne difficilement lisible requérant un travail de paléographie.

Let ancient texts speak for themselves. I transcribe and translate documents in French, Latin or German.



Un homme dessine la cathédrale de Strasbourg à la craie, sur le sol. Une foule le regarde.

Need help but don’t want to give up the fun of research? Keep digging. I’ll give you just the boost you need.

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facts & meaning

Whatever you request, I’ll give you the tools to understand your ancestry and to give meaning to your ancestors’ journey.

an inclusive genealogy

Don’t limit your story. With Profils, meet (also) the women, the “ordinary people” and the forgotten members of your genealogy.

outputs you will share

Your story is meaningful. Discover it in a stylish digital document you will love to share with your family.

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Every research is unique. Its price is estimated as precisely as possible, for free.


Your fee includes all you need. Pay once for investigation, travel in Alsace & your report.


Get on board with me! I’m available every step of the way to explain the research process.


You deserve to know your story. Whatever your budget, you’ll be warmly welcomed.

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Héloïse Hervieux



With a background in History (Sorbonne, Paris), Sociology and professional Family Genealogy, as well as experience in cultural and scientific communication, I effectively combine research, socio-historical analysis and biographical storytelling to give depth and meaning to the lives of your ancestors.

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